Get Your Smile Ready for the Holidays

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family smileAs houses are decorated for the holidays and party clothes are purchased in anticipation of meeting friends and family, many of us forget about our smiles. A smile can warm anyone’s heart and a whiter smile is always more attractive.

There are a few ways to mix the celebrations of the season with a set of good looking teeth.

The malic acid in strawberries are a natural way to remove surface discoloration on teeth. They are also festive, healthy, and delicious so indulge in this treat all you want!

Nuts are often part of a holiday tradition and found in bowls scattered about at parties. They are naturally abrasive and can help remove material from teeth without damaging the enamel.

Apples are crisp and can help strengthen your gums. They and carrots and celery contain a large percentage of water and therefore will stimulate saliva production, which is good for battling tartar build up. So, stick with that crudite platter and munch away on your sticks and broccoli, which can be a natural brush.

Cheese often plays a big part in holiday gatherings and can be beneficial to teeth because of the high calcium content. Generally, white foods don’t stain.

Red wine and coffee are dark and will stain your teeth. You can balance the effect by eating some of the snacks mentioned in this list or by adding milk to your coffee. Milk will reduce the staining effect and provide your body with calcium to keep your teeth in good shape.

Water is always a good choice. If you’re the designated driver or want to take a break from the rich foods and beverages that seem to be omnipresent at the end of the year, reach for a bottle of the clear stuff and know you’re doing something good for yourself.

If you want to get a significant boost in your teeth whitening efforts, talk to your dentist about safe, effective ways to make your smile brighter. Smile Haven Dental Center of Connecticut is always here to help you learn more and keep your mouth comfortable and looking great through the whole year.

All our best for happy holidays and a prosperous 2016!

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