Fixed Bridges

A great way to replace missing teeth.

The problem:
  • A missing tooth or missing teeth
  • The “sunken face” look associated with missing teeth
  • Limited chewing ability due to missing teeth
  • Desire for a more permanent solution than partial dentures

The solution:
A bridge is a custom made appliance that is permanently attached to one or two teeth on each side of a missing tooth space. The Bridge fills the missing space and restores chewing ability and esthetic appearance. No one can tell if you have a bridge unless you tell them!

Unlike partial dentures, a fixed bridge is never removed. It is stable in the mouth and works very similar to natural teeth. By filling the gap and stopping the movement of other teeth, a fixed bridge is an excellent investment, providing better chewing ability and saving money that might otherwise be spent on future dental treatment.

Fixed bridges are excellent restorations and have few disadvantages. They are highly durable, but they can eventually need to be re-cemented or replaced due to normal wear.

In the event that the use of a fixed bridge is not desired, the better alternative is a dental implant.