3 Reasons Why In-Office Whitening Lasts Longer

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Have you tried at-home whitening kits, just to forget to put the strips on and get frustrated? Or did you do it religiously, yet still end up with so-so results? Most of us have had an experience with an at-home kit, looking for a convenient and budget-friendly way to whiten our teeth. Many people are afraid to go to their dentist, thinking in-office whitening is expensive and complicated.

At Smile Haven Dental Center, we pride ourselves on offering a low-cost in-office whitening treatment that IS effective. So why is in-office whitening better than an at home kit? Here are 3 reasons why:

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1. You’ll get results quicker

Since a dentist will use a more powerful and concentrated whitening formula, this means you will see results much faster than using an at-home kit. The at-home kits use a less-concentrated formula that will take multiple applications to get your desired result. If you’re looking to whiten your teeth for a special occasion, one office visit will do the job!

2. You’ll receive customized, painless care

Often, at home kits are one size fits all– stick these strips on your teeth, squirt this gel into these trays, and so on. At the dentist’s office, you won’t have to worry about any of that! The gel will be applied with care to your teeth. In addition to that, the system that we use causes ZERO sensitivity, so it will be painless as well! No more reminders to do a whitening application or annoying tooth sensitivity; your dentist will take care of it all!

3. You’ll get the expertise of your dentist

Typically, a dentist has a lot of experience with whitening teeth, so they will be able to give good instructions on how to maintain your white teeth. Sometimes an at-home kit will work but you’ll get back into your usual habits, erasing those results. The dentist can prevent this from happening not just from the in-office treatment, but also with their aftercare expertise!

Are you interested in getting your teeth professionally whitened? Smile Haven’s light activated whitening treatment will take 30 minutes and as an added BONUS, you’ll get a take home booster kit to enhance your results!

Call 860-584-2051 today and set up your appointment to go to the WHITE side!

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